Kansas City area families mourning after weekend drownings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Families are looking for answers after two people drowned at lakes in the Kansas City metro area over the weekend.

Rescuers found 57-year-old Timothy Jackson’s body near his jet ski in Hillsdale Lake Sunday afternoon in Miami County, Kan. The day before, a TJ Nolen drowned at Longview Lake in Jackson County, Mo.

“They all three, the three of them were trying to go across the lake and they started to get exhausted,” Heather Nolen explained what happened when her 18-year-old went out for a swim with friends.

Now, this mother is exhausted after losing her oldest son.

Jackson was wearing a life jacket. However, Nolen did not.

“If he would have worn one he probably would have survived but it probably was one of those in the moment things,” said Zoey Mills, a friend of Nolen’s.

According to the Center’s for Disease Control, more than 80 percent of drowning victims weren't wearing life vests.

They note that drowning can happen quickly, in as little as 30 seconds, and silently. It can take down novice and experienced swimmers alike.

 “TJ, he could swim good, he really could. He was a highly intelligent kid,” Nolen noted.

The Missouri Highway Patrol has responded to ten drowning emergencies in the state since June 1.

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