Kansas City Beard and Moustache Club holding competition at Uptown Theater

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some folks will be showing off a little more than their 5 o'clock shadows on Saturday night.

The annual Beard and Moustache Competition will be held at the Uptown Theater at 7 p.m.

The Kansas City Beard and Moustache Club holds the competition to raise money for local charities.

Kurt Kielmann, president and chair of the annual Beard and Moustache Competition, says his favorite part about the beard-growing process is getting reaction from strangers.

"Everywhere you go, I was in St. Louis this weekend and total strangers [said], ‘Man, that's an awesome beard,’ and even if they do have a beard, ‘Man, I wish I had that, I’ve got beard envy! I wish I could grow a beard like that!’" Kielmann said.

Tickets are available for $10.

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