Kansas City congressman Emanuel Cleaver denounces Ferguson police, calls for peace

Rep. Cleaver denounces Ferguson looting and police

KANSAS CITY - Congressman Emanuel Cleaver joined Kansas City leaders to address the issue of racial unity during a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday morning.

Cleaver was in Ferguson, Mo, just a day before and says he’s never seen a place as racially polarized. 

“Having military style weaponry moving down the main street of a middle American town is as un-American as a coup d’état rather than an election,” he said.

Cleaver says things have calmed down there after the Missouri Highway patrol took over enforcing.  

Yet, the tension between Ferguson police and protesters continues.

“You have people who don't have training, who don't have the ability to respond to a crisis in charge of what could erupt into a major disturbance and I think that the police chief probably ought to not do anymore press conferences and probably should step aside,” he said.

The representative plans to meet with defense secretary Chuck Hagel next week to urge the end of militarizing local police with tanks, like the ones seen rolling down Ferguson streets.

He attended a ceremony to celebrate the progress in renovating Emmanuel Cleaver II Blvd. Orange bows were hung on light posts along the boulevard. The color represents racial unity, the message Cleaver hopes catches on not only in Ferguson, but around Kansas City.

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