Kansas City couple adopts four, plans for more

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Sorensens went from zero to four children in a matter of months. What started as a decade of fertility frustration, opened a door for Tate and Monica. 

"We really saw that foster was a good fit for us," Tate said.

First came Taylor and Page, who was sick the first day.

"Rocking her and holding her in my arms, I said it was the best day of my life," Monica said through tears. "Because there is an emptiness inside of you that needed filled."

Soon, the Sorensens discovered their two foster kids had two more siblings.

"So we went from zero to four in literally two months!" laughed Monica.

Within the year, they adopted all four kids who have grown in every way. When Hayden first came, he wouldn't utter a word outside their home.

"Now he has gotten in trouble for talking!" they both laughed.

Taylor came to them developmentally behind and went to a special school.

"He just graduated out of the program within months," Monica said.

At first Dylan, who was seven at the time and the oldest, cried for his mom.

"Just from the depth of his being, 'I want mommy,'" Monica said, clutching her chest.

But one day, while Monica rocked him to sleep, he started to cry out, "I want" but stopped.

"He looked at me and called me mom and from that moment on, he's always called me mom," Monica cried. "It was like he chose me."

Now, believe it or not, this family is ready for even more.

"Why not do it again?" Monica said.

"Absolutely," Tate quickly chimed in. "We love our children and love what God has done with us." 

The two agreed they are now waiting for the "right" one, the right forever kid or kids for this forever home.

For more information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent, check out these agencies.




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