Kansas City drivers face towing in city's crackdown to free up parking spaces

New parking crackdown aimed at repeat offenders

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City plans to crack down on the number of parking violators in and around downtown.

A representative from the Public Works Department said within the next six to eight weeks, drivers with at least three unpaid parking tickets should expect a letter warning them that if they don’t pay, their vehicle can and will be towed by Kansas City police.  

Sarah Murasky works at The Peanut in Quality Hill.

There are only a handful of parking spots and most of them have meters, but nothing is as expensive as her latest parking fiasco, a ticket that cost her $140.

“I wasn't even working either,” she said. “I came by to drop off food from the other Peanut, and I didn’t pay the meter because I figured I’m only going to be here for five minutes, no."

She paid off her ticket, but records 41 Action News obtained in 2012 showed nearly 39,000 parking tickets around the metro remained unpaid.

The plan is to not only to get the more than a million dollars owed, but to also free up parking spots.

“There's going to be a lot of ticket writing,” Roberto Cruz, who lives in the River Market, said.

Cruz describes parking there as a free for all.

“Even just living in the area, it's kind of hard to find a parking spot off street, let alone, you know, shopping,” he said.

He has developed his own system.

“I’ll park somewhere for two hours, go to lunch or something like that,” he said. “Go to lunch and then park somewhere else for two to three hours and most of the time I don’t think they’ve marked my tires, or they’ve caught on to me just yet."

Murasky doesn’t think the crackdown will be very good for business.

“I feel like we’re going to lose more business because our regulars don’t pay,” she said.

Instead, she has her own, less expensive solution to free up space.

“I think we should get rid of the meters or have more than two hour parking,” she said.

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