Kansas City facility helps people suffering from mental illness get work

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Helping people who suffer from drug addiction and mental illness is a need that keeps growing in Kansas City.

Benilde Hall is a facility that helps about 350 people every year.

The group has started a landscaping company, Benilde Services, to get work for the people they help.

Workers at Benilde Services say the work is vital to people's recovery.

"It gives these guys confidence," said Kent Jewell, the Executive Director of Benilde Hall.  "And kind of fills that void, not only in their job history, but they're in recovery."

"They're around other people that are staying clean and straight and trying to get their lives back on track," added Mark Breads, the Property Supervisor for Benilde Services.

Benilde hall has a contract with the city to clean up about 300 empty lots.

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