Kansas City is paying for new a sidewalk near dangerous stretch of road in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KCMO is footing the bill for a sidewalk near a dangerous stretch of road in the Northland.

Last March, 8-year-old Jordan Hale was killed when he was skateboarding and rode into the street at Bellefontaine and Winn Road where he was hit by a car.

For several months, Kansas City, Mo., city council members had been considering adding a sidewalk.

Council member Scott Wagner found $255,000 in the budget to pay for the new sidewalk

"We want to make sure that sidewalks are added to keep kids and adults safe so the can get to nearby parks and the corner store without crossing the street or having to walk in the street," Sean Demory, public information officer for Kansas City, Missouri Public Works Department said.

The sidewalk should be installed this fall. 

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