Kansas City organizers want look to youth to Stop the Violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo - A group organized by Reverend John Birmingham met Saturday in Kansas City to say it's time to stop the violence in their community.

The rally at Blue Hills Park was to bring awareness to continued crime and homicides in Southeast Kansas City.

"Let's face it.  It is getting worse," Birmingham said. "But we can't curse the darkness. But light a candle and if we could change one person's life, then guess what, it will all be successful."

Looking at the turnout of young people at the event, Birmingham said he is optimistic that things will get better.  He said the children are getting the message to respect themselves and others, though there is still concern for the rest of the community. 

Organizers say to win this battle; the young people in the community must be approached one-by-one and reminded to respect life.

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