Kansas City Police employees are mourning the loss of a coworker

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Coworkers of a Kansas City Police employee, who died in a car crash early Saturday morning, say they were lucky to get the opportunity to work with Michael Chou.

Chou was killed in a crash at 66th and Troost.

"We were very lucky that he chose us to work for and worth with," said Linda Netzel, the director of the crime lab. "And we will miss him greatly, not just because of his talent as a crime scene investigator, but as well as the special person that he was."

Chou started working for the Kansas City Police Department in 2011. Netzel said he was working on his doctorate in criminal studies. She said he was a standout among standouts.

Chou's primary job with the lab was managing violent crime scenes. Netzel said Chou had been working days, and wanted to switch to the night shift.

He had just left work Saturday morning when the crash happened. It was his third shift working nights.

The Johnson County Crime Lab will cover shifts so Chou's coworkers can attend his memorial.

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