Kansas City raising tow fees

Fees increase $40 July 1

KANSAS CITY, Mo - For three years, Travis Haak with Santa Fe Towing has been living his childhood dream hauling of vehicles.

“Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to drive a tow truck and finally landed it and this is where I'm at,” Haak said.

One of his calls Friday afternoon was to a take car for repairs. But more than half of his work comes from Kansas City.

“We pick up stolen autos. A lot of these stolen autos we pick up in are in allies, at abandon properties,” Haak said.

Those cars end up in Kansas City’s impound lot south of the river.

“We have no way of knowing who owns it, there's no VIN number, there's no indication of the vehicle that vehicle,” Nathan Paré said, division manager of Tow Services.

With each day, costs add up to store the vehicles that are abandoned, confiscated or involved in accidents. It also costs money to pay for the lot's electricity, security, maintenance and staffing.

“Our goal is not to make money at the tow, our goal is not to be in red at the end of the year it's simply to break even. For us to reach that balance, for us to accomplish that, it's to raise our fees,” Paré said.

Kansas City’s tow lot will increase regular, medium and heavy duty tow rates by $40 beginning Tuesday, July 1.  

New fees will be $240 for regular tows, $340 for medium tows and $415 for heavy tows.

“We've lowered our operating expenses and we still had a gap that's what we came to today,” Paré said.

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