Kansas City woman blames water department for flooding her basement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A local woman, who claims Kansas City water crews flooded her property while repairing a broken water main, said she is cleaning a mess in her basement.

The water main break happened around noon Monday in the 2500 block of NW 87th St.

Homeowner Clarissa McCall said after the break, crews opened a fire hydrant, which caused water to enter her home and flood her basement.

"The crews came out to repair the line, and the next thing I knew, they had opened the fire hydrant and water started flowing down the driveway into my house," she said.

McCall said she ran outside and asked one of the Water Services workers to turn it off. She said the worker complied.

According to McCall, crews later re-opened the fire hydrant after making a second round of repairs on the water line.

"So I ran out again and told them to stop because the water was gushing out and into my house and this time the guy just ignored me and refused to close the fire hydrant," she explained. "I was yelling at him to stop, and he refused even though he could see the water was going into my house."

Kansas City Water Services officials confirm a fire hydrant was opened while making repairs and an investigation is being conducted.

KC Water Services spokesperson Jennifer Kirkwood said customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

"The customer did everything right. She called and made a formal complaint, and that complaint has already been turned over to our legal department for a full investigation," Kirkwood explained. "If we have damaged the customer's property, we will take care of that with the customer."

To that McCall said, "I live in Missouri, so they will have to show me before I believe that."

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