Kansas City's poor and homeless feel Superstorm Sandy's effects

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The devastation left by Hurricane Sandy is being felt by the poor and homeless in Kansas City.

One local group says donations for their winter survival event are down, and they need immediate help to provide for those in need.

"This is a major setback because there are thousands of poor and homeless brothers and sisters anticipating this winter clothing to survive,'' according to a statement from Care of Poor People. "The event will go on, but we can only give out the supplies that we have on hand. It is our hope and belief that the Kansas City community will come through for us this year by providing the donations that we so desperately need.''

The group's event will be from noon to 4 p.m. on November 24 at 1219 Lydia Ave., in Kansas City.

Items needed include new and used winter clothing for men and women and children, shampoo, razors and other personal hygiene items.

For infomation on how to donate, go to the Care of Poor People website, www.coppinc.com

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