Kansas City's red light cameras to get the green light

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Monday, city council members moved the red light camera law back to its original wording saying it will now charge the driver and will put the city on the fast track to using the cameras again

In early November, a Missouri Court of Appeal's ruling put the lens cap on the 27 cameras that exist right now in Kansas City.

But now, some council members believe it is a public service emergency to get the cameras get up and operating again.

Kansas City police told council members on Monday they have proof red light cameras save lives.

If the city council gives the green light to the red light cameras on Tuesday, violators will once again be cited starting early next month.

A court recently questioned the constitutionality of the cameras that monitor a driver's behavior at 17 intersections across the city.

"The fact is this program saves lives and it changes behavior. I mean to have 97 percent of the people caught running a red light and not ever doing it once more over a period of years and 86 percent never doing it again period," Kansas City Councilman John Sharp said. "I mean if we could have that kind of change in behavior on all our criminal laws or even half that this would be a lot safer country."

But what happens to all of those red light violations that occurred in November during the legal limbo? City Prosecutor Lowell Gard said it will put those 3,500 violations on hold until the court can make a final ruling on Missouri's red light camera laws.

If the full council votes in favor of those changes Tuesday, as is expected, the city's lawyers said the city could resume red-light camera enforcement in Kansas City in 10 days, by Dec. 6.

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