Kansas DMV problems about to get bigger

Leavenworth, Kan. - The Kansas DMV debacle may be getting much bigger, according to officials in two Kansas counties.

Officials in counties like Johnson and Leavenworth said the state's new DMV computer system has caused so many problems, long lines and computer glitches that it has led to tens of thousands of dollars in overtime and comp time.

County administrators said they plan to take action because they cannot afford the unexpected, extra tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

Leavenworth County officials said on Tuesday they would bill the state for the costs accrued at Kansas driver's license offices.

"I would notice on some days there were people waiting up and down the halls," Leavenworth County Administrator Pat Hurley said. "Some people would show up long before our offices opened at 8 in the morning."

Johnson County Treasurer Tom Frazen has proposed Johnson County residents pay an extra $2 on its $5 service fee to cover added costs. The Kansas legislature would have to approve that.

Kansas Secretary of Revenue Nick Jordan listened to testimony about the continued difficulties last week.

The Kansas Department of Revenue is still withholding the final payment to 3M, the company the state hired to develop and implement the system.

Jordan is setting aside about $561,000 for reimbursements to county treasurers in the state for overtime costs incurred as a result of problems with the system; however, it remained to be seen whether there would be reimbursements for employees that were brought on for local offices like Johnson and Leavenworth counties.

"I don't understand. This was supposed to be a cost savings and yet it ended up costing us more," Commissioner Bob Holland told the Leavenworth Times.

Hurley said Leavenworth County had incurred costs of $29,501 so far this year.

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