Kansas missile silo transformed into luxury survival condos

CONCORDIA, Kan. - Many believe the world will end on Friday. Larry Hall isn't one of them, but he is planning ahead for a regional, national or global crisis.

"I don't think the world is going to end, but I do think there could be some troubled times ahead and it would be nice to have this kind of facility," Hall said.

Hall is a developer who bought a missile silo near Concordia, Kan., and started renovating it from a Cold War relic into livable underground condominiums. The facility was finished just in time for the dreaded date predicting the end of the world. A date that made him turn away some potential buyers.

"We said this isn't really a good fit. We really are looking for long-term neighbors not people who just want to come in here and buy it and turn around and flip it as soon as one threat passes."

All the condos in the silo were snatched up earlier this year. Each spot goes for millions of dollars.

"You can use this and be very comfortable in owning it and in the back of your mind knowing there is a hidden use that if you had to use it for survival capabilities you've got one of the best bunkers on the planet."

A bunker designed as an underground society complete with a doctor's office, bowling alley, pool, shooting range, movie theater and even a jail cell.

"We've gone through thousands of hours of scenarios where you say, what if this happens, what if that happened?"

Hall sold every unit even before the project was finished. The application process was strict even if the buyer could pay the millions up front.

"Everyone that works here or allowed on the visitation list has to have a full background. There isn't no one here who hasn't had a background check."

Hall isn't done renovating missile silos. He purchased two more around the area with the same plan in mind.

If you would like more information, visit www.survivalcondo.com

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