KC charity needs more toys for low-income children before the holiday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With less than a week until Christmas, one organization in the metro might not be able to fill the stockings of low-income children. The number of families is about the same this year, around 1,700, but with only a couple days left, Della Lamb Services is short a couple hundred donations for kids.

"It's very challenging to be poor and to try and go through the holidays," Della Lamb Executive Vice President Judy Akers said.

Della Lamb's " Operation Santa Claus " started almost 40 years ago. Families get a bag full of gifts and groceries, a cost covered by donations.

Akers has worked with the organization long enough to know all this couldn't happen without the financial help.

"Donation dollars are difficult to get and we want to make sure that we use them as efficiently as possible," she said.

Gifts are provided to every member of the family. This year that includes 2,500 children.

"Right now even though we look like we have plenty of new toys in the room, we're still short on toys," Akers said. "I know we're several hundred short, so any gift of any number of games would help us at this point."

They ask for games because they work for a boy or a girl.

Operation Santa Claus makes it easy for people to donate a new item or even monetarily in person or online.

"It really warms your heart to see families so touched. For them it really is a Christmas Miracle," Akers said.

Besides new games, Della Lamb still needs sweatpants for children and adults. For more information on how you can help visit their website: http://www.dellalamb.org/HowYouCanHelp.html

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