KC family shocked by $1,200 water bill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City family couldn’t understand how they racked up a water bill of nearly $1,200 in a matter of days.

Heather and David Knox keep very busy with their 7-month-old Aurora. She takes baths twice a day but it didn’t add up.

“I don't even know how we could possibly use that,” Heather said.

After months of back and forth and talking to 41 Action News, the water department adjusted their bill so they didn’t have to pay the enormous amount.

The problem originally started back in January.

“At the beginning of January we complained of low water pressure and they sent a technician out and he looked at the water main and came in and told us he thought we needed a new water meter,” Heather said.

Then their bill came. Normally, they paid around $50 a month but in the middle of winter it was nearly $1,200.

Most of the bill was 94,000 gallons over a few days.

That’s the same as if they filled up an above ground pool every day for five days.

Since January 15 though, their usage dropped back down to normal.

It didn’t make sense to David.

“I don't understand how it all of a sudden stopped and there isn't any sign of it,” he said.

At first the water department told them it must have been a leak.

“One response was actually they asked us if we had a toilet left running over night and even a toilet left running overnight isn't going to use 94,000 gallons of water,” Heather said.

Then they got slapped with a shut-off notice.

The six days of water cost more than their other bills combined.

“Mortgage, car payment, electricity, gas, everything that we have,” David said.

KC Water Services canceled the shut-off notice while they investigated the charges.

Heather and David were relieved when they called letting them know they didn’t have to pay the outstanding bill.

The spike seemed to be an anomaly since it only happened once over the past several months.

A spokesperson for the department said they continue to work to improve customer service. They have made several changes to the process. The spokesperson encouraged anyone with concerns about their bill or service to contact them. They want to be fair and reasonable for their customers.

You can contact KC Water Services through their website or calling 3-1-1 during business hours.

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