KC family thankful traveler is safe after LAX shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One Kansas City family is thankful their LA traveler is safe following a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.

"My father in law called and said, 'turn on CNN'," Vito Picicci said.

Picicci's nephew and John Carlson's son was traveling from LAX and was supposed to board a morning flight back to Kansas City.

Carlson only knew when he got the call that something was wrong at LAX.

"At first, they didn't tell you what terminal or what was affected or who was affected," Carlson recalled as he turned to national news for information. He spent almost an hour making calls to see if his son was safe.

Carlson said it felt like an eternity.

"With all the craziness these days, you assume the worst," Picicci said.

The men hugged Scott when he walked out if the gate safe and sound Friday afternoon. Scott's plane took off minutes before the shooting but he knew nothing until he landed.

"I started getting texts from my kids saying, are you ok?" Scott said.

Scott says he's just thankful to be home.

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