KC firefighter speaks out after winning lawsuit against city

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Complaints of racism in the Kansas City Fire Department has turned into a $290,000 award settlement for a 10-year veteran of the department.
Eric Sanders said discrimination and utter disrespect motivated him to force change in the fire department.
Sanders launched his complaints against the department back in 2010 and had a jury trial in February where he alleged racism and nepotism within the department.

After  six days, the jury ruled in favor of the city for  racial discrimination, but sided with Sanders for retaliation. 

Jurors assessed damage in the amount of $90,000.  However, the judge ordered the city to pay $296,000 to cover attorney fees and court costs.

"When I went to the military, the military gave me honor and it gave me discipline. And it taught me I have to stand for something or you fall anything.  I'm not going to let any man step over me or step on me," Sanders said.

On Wednesday, the city's finance committee also approved settlements in three other discrimination lawsuits, totaling more than $500,000.

Sanders is hopeful that this misuse of taxpayer money will force the city to hold employees more accountable for their actions.

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