KC firefighters practice putting out plane fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City firefighters are spending this week battling flames at the Kansas City International and Charles Wheeler airports as part of a drill.

Firefighters lit a plane on fire with propane gas, causing it to burst into flames in a matter of seconds

The training is required by law and firefighters say plane fires are especially dangerous because they involve many people in a crammed space. Another factor is fuel.

It’s a simulation train firefighters how to fight a plane fire. But reality it happens.

A pilot died less three years ago when his plane crashed and burned while performing aerial maneuvers at the Kansas City air show.

One of the "crash" trucks from KCI Airport put out the flames.

"It's a confined space, not a very many ways out of the aircraft with a tremendous fuel load, there's a lot going on," Battalion Chief Matt Mauer, with the Kansas City Fire Department said.

The fire department and the airports also do these trainings regularly to maintain a good safety record with the FAA.

Firefighters say working after dark increases their level of awareness.

"You got different visibility, sometimes we have a little bit more wind up here at night as it gets darker," Mauer said.

Fire department from around the area including, KCK and North Kansas City come to train on the fuselage owned by the University of Missouri.

"We've got to figure out how to protect the people in that tube in a really short period of time," Mauer said.

The training fuselage will be at KCI airport until Wednesday.

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