KC Mayor picks up trash to combat illegal dumping

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mayor Sly James and other city leaders were focused on illegal dumping Saturday morning, joining in on a city-wide clean-up effort.

"I think the only way to get a true sense of what's really going on is to get your hands dirty," James said.

Mayor James and the city manager Troy Schulte put on their gloves and loaded debris into city garbage trucks, The duo started their clean up a little after 9:00 Saturday morning to bring attention to the problem of illegal dumping in the city.

Throughout the morning more that 30 trucks made surprise visits to neighborhoods through the city to clean up trash and illegal dumping on public right of ways.

The work is especially frustrating for Mayor James, because it costs more money to do city-wide clean up efforts that it does for residents to call 311 to order a bulk pick up.

"We are expending tax payer dollars to pick up trash for people who didn't know the rules or didn't care about the rules, probably both, and they just dumped on the side of the road," James added.

The mayor advices homeowners to call 311 if they see illegal dumping, and if possible, get the license plate number of the offender's vehicle.

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