KC Mayor Sly James' son involved in disturbance at Power and Light diner

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The son of Kansas City's mayor spent early morning of Saturday, July 30, 2011 screaming and swearing at customers, throwing down silverware and threatening to have a police officer fired, according to a police report.

The incident happened inside Fran's Diner, 11 E. 14th St., in the Power and Light District.

The diner's manager asked an off-duty police officer who works as a security guard at the diner to keep an eye on an unruly customer, according to the report, which you can read at the bottom of this page.

The officer, Michael Blakemore, stated in the report he recognized the man, later identified as Kyle James, 22, as someone who had "been warned about disruptive behavior on two prior occasions."

Blakemore also said in the report he watched James get up from his seat and walk to an empty table where he then picked it up to a point so the salt and pepper shaker and sugar caddy fell to the floor.

The officer asked James if he remembered him.  James said he did. The officer told James he needed to calm down and go back to his own table.

James gave the officer a hug and the officer said he smelled a strong odor of alcohol on James.

James' eyes appeared bloodshot and watery, Blakemore said in the report.

While James sat a table where he did not know the customers, the officer checked on women seated nearby.

The women told the officer they also did not know James and that he had been bothering them, Blakemore's report said.

James moved to another table and the officer told him he was close to being asked to leave.

This time, James accused the officer of not liking him and was "hating'' on him, the report said

Moments later, Blakemore said James kissed a woman who came into the diner with another man. He tried to walk to her table, but the officer blocked his path.

James allegedly told the officer he was interfering with his "game,'' according to the report.

Blakemore added in the report that James went back to his table and yelled and swore at his friends.

He also yelled the officers were racists and setting him up, the report alleged.

The police document went on to describe that the manager went to talk with James and his friends when James suddenly threw his silverware on the floor and nearly hit the manager with his elbow where, at this point, the officer told James he needed to pay for the food and James profanely told the officer he wouldn't.

James asked the officer several times if he knew who he was, according to the report.

He allegedly told the officer he could have him fired and could buy and sell him whenever he wanted, the report said.

The manager told the officer several customers managed to sneak out without paying while James spewed profanities.

The officer handcuffed James, according to the report, but let him off with a warning.

The officer said the manager would pay for James' meal just to get him out of the diner. The manager also told James he was no longer welcome at the restaurant.

Problems continued outside the diner as police told James and his companions they needed to take a cab home.

James finally left the area after one final obscenity-laced rant also outlined in the police document.

Mayor Sly James issued a statement about the behavior of his son, who was not charged with any crime.

"My son is a 22-year-old young man who made a mistake. He is extremely embarrassed and very sorry for the entire incident."

NBC Action News contacted the mayor's office Friday and asked for an on-camera interview with the mayor. A spokesman declined the request.

To read the full report, visit http://bit.ly/qHHKjC . Identifying information was redacted by Kansas City police before distribution, while profanities were camouflaged by NBC Action News.

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