Kansas City peacekeepers create plan to keep violence from breaking out on city buses

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One group in Kansas City is making it a mission to keep the peace on city buses. It comes after Thursday's shooting on an KCATA bus.

Bishop Tony R. Caldwell and the Kansas City Peacekeepers came up with a plan at Thursday's meeting to keep everyone safe. Now members will move from the street to certain metro routes armed with keeping the peace with words, not violence.

"The peacekeepers have been trained to do conflict resolution," said Caldwell.

Vicki Ralls isn't letting Thursday's shooting or the recent stabbing of one of her fellow bus drivers scare her away. She hopes the new plan will give drivers and passengers peace of mind.

"I think if a peacekeeper is on there, and that the people know that someone is on there, I think it will cut out some of this misbehavior," Ralls said.

The next time you ride the bus you should start seeing the peacekeepers, who are paying their own fares.

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