KC Pet Project set to break its intake record for second month running

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC Pet Project, Kansas City’s no-kill pet shelter, will likely break its own record for animal intakes in July, after setting the record just last month when it took in more than 1014 animals.

“We're projecting this year to be above 10,000 animals that will come in through the shelter, which is a significant increase over a year ago,” KC Pet Project’s president, Brent Toellner, told 41 Action News on Wednesday.

Year-to-date, the shelter attributes much of the increase to pet owners surrendering their animals back to the shelter.

In the last two months, they’ve also seen a major spike in pets brought to them by city animal control officers.

“We took in 360 animals in the month of May from animal control officers and it was 540 in the month of June,” Toellner said. “So that's a huge increase that we're seeing.”

Patrick Egberuare at Kansas City animal control called the June numbers an “aberration,” and said there was no policy shift at his department driving the increase.

He attributed some of the increase in pets seized to the bust of a cat hoarder in the Northland last month which led to the seizure of dozens of cats. He said the publicity generated by the incident also led to dozens more calls to his office.

Egberuare said he expects the number of seized pets to level off as the summer winds down.

For its part, KC Pet Project still anticipates receiving a record number of seized pets through July, and today said they’d like to see animal control officers cut back on the number of pets they take out of homes in most cases.  

“We want to be a safe haven for animals that are in need of homes, but we don't want to be a safe haven for animals that already have homes, and we don't want them to be removed from those homes unless it’s a cruelty or neglect situation,” Toellner said.  

With intake numbers up 20 percent over last year, the shelter is also increasing its adoption efforts. Earlier this month, they placed their first ever television ad buy and have run adoption specials, cutting prices for cats and dogs, nearly every weekend. 

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