Kansas City skyline makes unexpected cameo in Super Bowl spot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Budweiser's famous Clydesdales are expected every Super Bowl Sunday. This year, much of the ad was shot in Boonville, Mo., and shows a rancher meeting up years later with the same Budweiser horse in Chicago.

But a one-second shot in the ad had many Kansas Citians doing a double-take. That's because the shot that's supposed to replicate the drive into Chicago is actually the drive into downtown Kansas City over the Broadway bridge.

People working in the local video production industry said Kansas City is actually a pretty popular spot to shoot these national ads because it provides a big variety of backdrops.

"You drive five minutes, Kansas City changes the view, changes the landscape, the skyline dramatically," said freelance producer Mike Churchill.

He said there's no way to know that many ads are actually shot here. A recent ad for Gillette - made to look like Lambeau Field in Green Bay - was actually produced at Arrowhead.

"It's a reasonable place, financially, to shoot, and there's a lot of great resources in town," said Brad Slaughter, partner at Bark Productions and 19 Below.

His production business stays plenty busy with national ads and Slaughter thinks this most recent moment in the spotlight will only help Kansas City's case.

"I think the Budweiser commercial was a great example of what Kansas City is capable of in a very small way," Slaughter said.

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