KC stores, manufacturers ready for FDA E-cig regulations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Proposed FDA regulations aren't daunting for one KC company set to start bottling their lab-tested e-cigarette liquid.

When Vince Sanders started his e-cigarette company years ago, he always wanted customers to know what they were ingesting.

"Why wouldn't you want complete transparency?" he said as he toured the warehouse that in a matter of weeks will house a bottling facility for the fourteen flavors his company sells.


That is why John Abraham sells the brand on his shelves at Smoker's Heaven in Kansas City. He pulled other brands off the shelves because their ingredients weren't listed and customers started shying away from that product. "

You don't know what's in it!" he said.  

41 Action News wanted to know what was in unlabeled products. In February, we put products from two different companies to the test and found traces of metal.

Safety is why KC Vapes, another local company, also makes their own e-cigarette liquid in a controlled, lab environment ahead of the FDA regulations.

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