KC SuperStar final competition honors shooting victim Reat Underwood

Overland Park native, comedian Rob Riggle emceed

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Local teens shined bright on stage Sunday night for the final round of the KC SuperStar competition.

Ten finalists competed for a $10,000 scholarship put on by the Jewish Community Center.

While laughter and singing filled the auditorium, the events of April 13 remained fresh in everyone's mind.

"Hatred slapped us all that day, but hatred did not win," said Jacob Schreiber, President and CEO of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City.

A gunman killed 14-year-old Reat Underwood and his grandfather at the JCC while Reat waited to audition for the competition.

It was his dream to be on the stage as a finalist Sunday night.

Milan Naster's sister was a finalist and he competed in the past.

"We want there to be happiness, we want there to be cheering and laughter, but we do have to remember what has happened and we can't forget it, we just have to grow from it," Naster said.

Overland Park native and comedian Rob Riggle emceed the event at the Johnson County Community College stage. Riggle also contributed to the scholarship set up in Reat's name.

"I would say the spirit here is a very positive vibe because of everything that's gone on this year. People really want to remember, but they want to show that hate doesn't win and love does," said Schreiber.

Donations to the Reat Griffin Underwood Fund will support young singers in the Kansas City SuperStar program.

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