KC woman worries about family's safety after typhoon hits the Philippines

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the winds and waves of the massive storm known as Typhoon Haiyan dissipate, many families are left to worry about their relatives in the Philippines.

It's a reality Henna Fuller is now going through. Fuller came to Kansas City from Guiuan 12 years ago. Her niece, Bernice Abrenica, just left there last month.

Abrenica describes the land as a paradise. But one look from above shows a paradise lost.

"The entire town is just unrecognizable," Abrenica said. "I have to ask her whose house is this. Who's this? Like what direction? Where's our house?"

And that is all she knows. No communication and no power mean no news about survivors, including almost her entire family.

But finally on Sunday morning, Fuller received word that her brother, who lives in the decimated city of Tacloban, had survived.

"When I heard my brother calling my sister, it was like, ‘they're alive," Fuller said. "I mean I want them alive, I want them safe and alive. That's all you want to hear.

Hours before the storm hit, she was chatting with family online. Abernica was able to talk to her mother.

"They were happy, and that was it. That was the last conversation," Fuller said. Now they don't even know if anyone evacuated.

But both Fuller and Abernica refuse to dwell on the unknown.

"I hope, I mean every day you just hope," Fuller said.

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