KCK animal control searching for dangerous dogs

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas City, Kan., police and animal control have captured one of three dogs connected to dog attacks over the weekend. 

The dogs bit three people; all three bite victims are being treated for rabies as a precaution.

Animal control captured one of the dogs which is currently in quarantine. But a male and female boxer are still on the loose. Both are considered dangerous.

The bites happened over the weekend on three different occasions. One of the first reported bites happened at 12th and Richmond Avenue. Another happened two blocks away at 14th and Richmond. The last, at 13th and Richmond, occurred before animal control caught one of the three dogs.

The officer reportedly just had to tell the dog to sit to make the capture.

One of the victims told officers the dogs attacked him when he went out back to investigate a noise.

"The gentleman heard some noises out back in his yard by you I believe the garage, went out there and that's when the dogs actually confronted him and attacked him," Officer Thomas Tomasic said.

The male boxer is described as muscular, brindle in color with cropped ears. The female boxer is brown.

If you know of the animals or see anything, police ask you to call the non-emergency line at 913-596- 3000 or Animal Control Shelter at 913-321-1445. 

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