Kansas City councilman to propose legislation to remove felony question from city applications

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City councilman Jeramine Reed is about to introduce legislation that could make it easier for convicted felons to get a job with the city. If passed, it would eliminate the question on all city applications asking if you served time.

The legislation is called "Ban the Box."

"It's important that we eliminate that barrier so that we can get people working who actually need a second chance," Reed said.

More than two dozen cities and counties around the country have passed similar legislation.

"This gives someone who has paid their time who is looking for a second chance that opportunity to at least present their case, talk about their skills and actually get a job."

41 Action News spoke to a man with a record while he was filling out applications at the Full Employment Council. He doesn't want us to identify him in case it could hurt his chances of finding work. He told us he is fully aware of what happens to the applications he fills out.

"When you mark the box, they look at that and they just put you on the bottom of the list or just disregard."

Councilman Reed will introduce the legislation during Thursday's city council meeting, where he expects it to be referred to the Public Safety Commission for next week. Reed believes he already has five city councilmembers onboard. He only needs seven for it to pass.

Dozens of other cities and counties across the country have passed similar legislation. For a complete map, visit http://tinyurl.com/cruhyc4.

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