Location chosen for new KCMO police station and crime lab

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City officials have picked the location for a new police station and crime lab. It will bring new development to the east side, but it will also force some people to move.

The city will demolish all four blocks from Prospect west to Brooklyn, between 26th and 27th.

The $50 million project will build the new east patrol station and new crime lab and it may attract private investment in the high crime, high poverty area.

But some residents have been here decades and wish they'd had a choice rather than being forced to move.

The area has many boarded up homes and vacant lots, but it's also home to several dozen families like the Robertson's who have been in this house on Wabash for 30 years.

Charmetria Robertson says it's not fair for City Hall to force people out. "Where are they going to go?" she asks.

Pat Klein of the KCMO Capital Projects Office said the homeowners will be compensated. "There's relocation and moving expenses that area also included. We're trying to be as transparent and as fair as possible with the citizens of Kansas City because that's what they deserve," he said.

The city will also pay homeowners the highest of three appraisals for their property and help them find a new place nearby.

And homeowners who have had their property for long periods of time will get bonuses.

There are public hearings on Wed., Sept. 7 for affected residents. The city will hold three sessions that day, at 8am, noon and 6pm. The sessions will be identical, so you can pick the one at the best time for you.


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