KCPD officers replace young boy's stolen bike

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - He's a little shy and a laugh is about as much as you'll get out of him , but 12-year-old Jamari doesn't back down.

“It exchanged hands a couple of times and they had seen it one time in this field behind this building," said Sgt. Daniel Graves said.

Sgt. Graves was already in the area of 31st and Mersington Avenue in Kansas City on another call Monday, but while he was there, he came across a different situation.

"The disturbance ended up being little Jamari and his stolen bike and they were trying to get some other members in the community involved to help him get his bike back," Sgt. Graves said.

He decided there was a better solution.

"I pretty much decided to defuse the situation,” he said.

He told the boy, “we are going to bring you a new bike."

The next day, he and the entire squad of six of violent crimes officers came back with a new bike they bought from Target. A store manager told 41 Action News that the officers deserve the credit for getting the bicycle, but police said the store offered them a discount.

"He didn't have a lot of emotion,” Graves said. “He just kind of looked at me."

Jamari got a chance to tell officer Graves thank you on Thursday at his school; that's when a 41 Action News crew found out something else about Jamari.

Jamari's teacher David Warren said that the young boy has been helping another kid in his class. His friend's father was killed.

"Jamari was there to help him through the adverse situation and I thought that was so kind of him to be there for him," Warren said.

"He's helping somebody who was a victim of violent crime. It's pretty awesome," Graves said.

The officers said they hope that Jamari will always remember a valuable life lesson from this.

"We just told him sometimes you do the right thing and good things happen. You never know what you did, it just works out like that," Graves said.

Jamari said that he wants to be a computer technician when he grows up.

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