KCMO releases Citizen Satisfaction Survey results, significant improvements in 61 categories

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The City released its 2013-2014 Kansas City, Mo., Citizen Satisfaction Survey on Thursday.

The survey results showed significant improvements in 61 categories, according to the news release. 

“Satisfaction with Kansas City’s image is at its highest level since the City began its current Citizen Satisfaction Survey in 2005,” Mayor Sly James said in the news release. “I am very proud of the City’s hard-working employees who contribute to building a better Kansas City each and every day. These results show that our employees' perseverance and hard work are paying off.”

The survey found residents were generally satisfied with the Major Categories of Services provided by the city of Kansas City, Mo. The highest levels of satisfaction, based on the combined percentage of “very satisfied” and “satisfied” responses among residents, who had an opinion, were:

  • The overall quality of fire and ambulance services at 76 percent
  • The overall quality of solid waste services at 68 percent
  • The overall quality of police services at 63 percent

The survey found residents were least satisfied with the overall maintenance of streets, sidewalks and infrastructure at 28 percent.

The survey also reported short-term significant increases and decreases in satisfaction since the 2012-2013 survey.

The top short-term significant increases were ease of utilizing 311 services via the web at 8.3 percent, overall usefulness of the City’s website at 8.3 percent, protection from new or unusual health threats at 6.7 percent and level of public involvement in decision making at 6.3 percent. 

The short-term significant decreases were quality of curbside recycling services dropping 3.3 percent and the condition of sidewalks in your neighborhood dropping 2 percent.

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