KCPD prepared for big crowd at Westport St. Patrick's Day party

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The St. Patrick's Day celebrations continued Monday night in Westport. Streets were blocked so that thousands of people could walk from bar to bar and food vendor to food vendor without worrying about getting hit by a car. 

"We're having a good time, people are in a great mood and it's really been a lot of fun to be here," said Brandon Hammond, one of many party-goers enjoying the evening.

Kansas City Police have a large presence in Westport.  Several police officers could be seen all along party-row in Westport. 

"Our goal is to make sure we have enough police officers in key positions so that we can respond instantly if there is a problem," said Sgt. Greg Williams, spokesperson for Kansas City police.

"So far things have been pretty good there have been only a few small incidents and we hope it stays that way; but we are prepared for whatever may happen," Sgt. Williams said.

William said police will remain in Westport until the last partygoer leaves Monday night.

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