KCPD takes its Twitter followers on virtual ride-along

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It was an active night for the Kansas City Police Department.

Members of the department's media team road along with a couple of officers through central Kansas City, Mo., to tweet everything the officers encountered for four hours Friday night.

There were a few odd calls within the first hour:
8:30 Man laying in yard at 39th & Campbell. He's awake but disoriented and said his stomach hurts. #kctweetalong

8:34 Heading for interstate looking for man on motorcycle armed with a gun. Other officers waiting with OD guy on ambulance #kctweetalong

8:50 On way to scene where man was hit in head w/ an ax. Possibly life-threatenting injuries. He's at hospital. #kctweetalong

9:05 And we've got another public urinator. Peeing on fence next to 7-11 on Independence Ave. He's now in custody #kctweetalong

At this point, we tweeted a question of our own.

@ChristaDubill: Is this a typical Friday night in KC central division? Or is it always this...odd?

The response: Officer McCunniff says it really depends. Bizarre calls like this tend to happen more on (weekdays) #kctweetalong

The person managing the tweetalong also answered questions from people on twitter. Here are a couple of example exchanges.

Tweet question: @mrskccheckpoint tweeted "Hello, hello Officer McCunniff, single?"
@kcpolice response: "Sorry, Officer McCunniff is married."

Tweet question: @Bigchrs2007 asked "when is the next tweet ride along after tonight any word??"
@kcpolice response: "We're trying to do them every other month"

To follow the Kansas City Missouri Police Dept, go to www.twitter.com/kcpolice

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