King Tut exhibit to open Friday at Kansas City's Union Station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The North American premiere of a very popular exhibit opens Friday at Union Station in Kansas City.

Inside the King Tut exhibit, you can step into Egyptian culture, explore King Tut's legendary tomb and treasures and learn about the excavation of hundreds of important artifacts.

GALLERY: See photos from the exhibit before you go.

King Tut's tomb is considered the most famous discovery in the history of archaeology. This exhibit offers insight into the Egyptians belief in the afterlife and their efforts to overcome their fate and conquer death, and of course, the king's treasure: gold, jewelry, statues and precious stones.

An international team of exhibition designers worked for more than five years on the display to make it accurate, entertaining and educational.

The exhibit tells the unearthed story of King Tut, who become pharaoh at the age of 8, but only lived to be 19 years old. The circumstances surrounding his death are unknown.

King Tut's father was a controversial leader in Egypt, and because of that, King Tut's successors erased his name from all monuments, meaning he wasn't recorded on any list of kings. King Tut lay unknown and forgotten for three-and-a-half millennia until British archeologist Howard Carter discovered his tomb in 1922.

The exhibit uses hundreds of life-size replicas hand crafted by skilled artists.

The King Tut exhibit will be open to the public through September and will cost adults $20 to get in and children $15.

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