Latest hurdle cleared to build a new grocery store in Kansas City 'food desert'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood once described as a "food desert" will soon have its first grocery store. Truman Medical Center, in conjunction with Associated Wholesale Grocers, is preparing to build a grocery store at 27th Street and Troost Avenue. 

John Wood, assistant city manager and director of the neighborhood and housing services department in Kansas City, Mo., said the city has purchased the property clearing the way for the grocery store to be built. 

"Not only will we have a grocery store providing healthy options for residents, we expect that the grocery store will also be a catalyst for economic development there," Wood said.

The Hospital Hill Economic Development Corp., a nonprofit affiliate of Truman Medical Center, will run the grocery store.  It will provide healthy food and classes on healthy cooking and nutrition.

Beacon Hill homeowner, Randy Kietzman, said that the grocery store will help neighbors who do not have transportation or means to get to grocery stores in Westport or downtown Kansas City.

Truman officials explained that it is rare for a hospital to get the grocery business, but they believe it will result in healthy outcomes for patients.

Construction could begin on the grocery store this fall.



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