League rallies for city support to renovate baseball complex for inner city youth

Baseball league works to renovate abandoned field

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A little league baseball director is pushing to turn an abandoned field into the league’s permanent home base, but he can’t without the city’s support.

Cle Ross started the KCK RBI League in 2009. 

The league has nearly 940 players, but no permanent field to play on.

The non-profit has raised $1 million, but it needs nearly another $3 million to restore the two fields on the property near 53rd and Parallel Pkwy.

The field was closed in 1998. 

Seven major league players played little league there.

"That’s our home foundation,” Ross said, “That's the ballpark that over 2500 kids year in and year out used to play at and that's our ultimate goal to get that back up and running."

Ross introduced Stay’Jawn Hunter to baseball in 2009. 

Since then, Hunter has played in the league and said it’s given him a new vision for his future. 

 “I didn't know what I was going to do until coach Cre called my name,” he said.

Hunter plans to play college baseball and considers Ross’s vision of renovating the baseball complex as his own.

A representative from the UG said they’ve never received a formal request from the league about the renovation project.

They invite Ross and the league members to present their case during the next commissioners meeting.

Ross plans to do just that.

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