Lenexa neighbors worried about foxes in the area

LENEXA, Kan. - From Lenexa to Leawood, Kansas Wildlife officials admit they've been flooded with “fox calls.” The time of year and warm temperatures are bringing them out.

Near 89th and Lackmann, Janey Daniels said the foxes running rampant in her neighborhood killed her dog.

"He was such a good boy," she said. "Gentle."

She found her schnauzer Jack in the backyard with bite marks and rushed him to the vet but he couldn't be saved.

Her neighbor Deb Blaylock says a fox approached her five year old son.

"It is dangerous!" She said.

They say they feel helpless. Lenexa animal control officials say unless an animal is in your home, hurt, or dead there isn't much they can do.

Kansas Wildlife experts urge residents to scare animals away so they don't make a home at your home. Techniques like that usually only work, they add, if neighbors work together.

The Lenexa neighbors have chipped in to hire a professional exterminator. So far, with only two of several foxes caught, they have spent $600.

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