Lenexa PD wants you to volunteer your surveillance camera's shots

LENEXA, Kan. - You’ve no doubt seen surveillance photos of crime suspects and heard the police ask for help identifying them. Now Lenexa police want your help if you have a security camera.

“The best available evidence is probably going to be video” said Maj. Dawn Layman with the Lenexa Police Department.

The department is launching the Community Video Partners program hoping volunteers will register their home or business private cameras that face public areas. Layman says that way when a crime happens, nearby cameras can already be mapped out.

“The quicker we can get that information out there, the better it is going to be for everybody,” she said.

You might already be on camera more than you realize. The city of Lenexa alone has about 300 cameras. Most of them are posted on public buildings but many are posted above the city’s busy intersections. Almost 15 percent of car wrecks in Lenexa are caught on camera.

If you are worried about privacy concerns, Layman insists the program is only for volunteers.

“We’re not getting in to your video system or anything like that,” she said.

Unless you sign up for the live feed program where police would monitor cameras in real time. One business has already signed up. You can find more information on the community video partners program and register your camera at this link on the Lenexa Police Department website .

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