Local car salesman creates website to shop for salesman before shopping for car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There are all kinds of amenities you get to choose when buying a new car, but the one thing you rarely have control over is the salesman. But what if before you walked through the door, your salesman of choice was already waiting for you?

Barry Schofield started in the car sales business only three months ago, but has already come up with a new idea to change the way we shop for cars. He created the website CarSalesman.us.

"It's a bit like a dating site. A dating site for the customer to find the salesman they want to deal with," Schofield said.

He's already got his fellow salesmen onboard.

"Once military guys find out they're dealing with another military guy, then boom, there's an automatic rapport there,” salesman Jonathan Darnall said.

"If you know the person before you even come here then you can say, ‘Hey, I need to speak with Justin,’ and then we go look at the car and you're not intimidated," salesman Justin Savage said.

Schofield will unveil his creation at this week's auto show hoping it becomes the next big thing.

"Everybody's going to win. The customers can have a really nice buying experience, the car salesmen are going to make money, the dealership or wherever he is working at is going to make money because they're going to be selling cars. So it's a win-win situation for everybody," Schofield said.

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