Local golf course's water bill doubles due to drought

John Clouse has worked at the Staley Farms Golf Club since 2002. While he's seen some pretty hot summers since then, he said none have been as scorching as this one.

And when it's this hot, keeping a golf course looking good is tough and expensive work. Maintaining the greens means their water bills have doubled this summer.

"It doubles the cost," he said. "We're spending about $45,000 a month on water."

Each time they water, it comes with a hefty price.

"We're only watering every other day, which isn't what we need to be watering," Clouse explained. "Basically, every time we have to water it's about $3,000."

All that watering has left their irrigation ponds dry.

"Usually we have enough in our irrigation ponds to make it. We have basically a fifty day supply, but it's been gone since July," Clouse said.

So now, they're forced to fill up their ponds by tapping into the city water system. 

It's just part of the price of doing business, when that business is golf.

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