Event at Jewish Community Center spoke to concerns about suspect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At the very place he's accused of attacking, experts spoke to their concerns about Glenn Miller just eight months ago.

On August 25, 2013 The Institute For Research and Education on Human Rights gave attendees of the Rabbinical Association's "Day of Discovery"  event a glimpse into his hateful and violent past. The event was open to anyone in the community and about 200 people attended. The event made those present aware of the dozens of hate groups in the region.

Devin Burghart is the Vice President of the IREHR. His colleague made the presentation at the JCC and explained to the crowd the genocidal fantasies held by hundreds of hate activists they track.

"In fact, he was a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off," Burghart said. "His activity has reverberated throughout the region for quite awhile. Our research tells us emphatically that the problem is still very much active in the region."

One of the examples from the presentation was a passage from Miller's book about his greatest regret in 1999.

"Was that he and his fellow racists comrades didn't commit an horrific mass shooting that they planned to carryout in North Carolina in 1987," Burghart said.

In his own words, Miller believed an event like that could be used to recruit new members. Burghart hopes this will have the opposite effect.

"It requires all of us to be ever vigilant to speak out against them and to organize effective barriers against bigotry so that this kind of stuff doesn't continue to spread," he said.

The presentation the IREHR made to the JCC was called "Anti-Semites, Racists, Bigots and So-Called Nullification in Kansas and Missouri" and only about 35 people attended.

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