Local Jewish community speaks out about deadly shooting at Jewish Museum in Brussels

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The search is on for a suspect involved in killing four people in a shooting attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum on Saturday.

Video of the attack showed an athletic man with cap calmly walking into the Jewish Museum, getting out a Kalashnikov shoulder rifle and starting to shoot before briskly walking away.

Saturday evening, officials from the local Jewish community sent a statement regarding the deadly incident.

In a written statement, Marvin Szneler, Executive Director and Bert Berkley Chair for Community Relations for the Jewish Community Relations Buereau|American Jewish Committee, said the attack is, “a frightening  reminder of the growing number of assaults on Jews in Europe. “ The statement goes on to say the local community grieves with the families who lost loved ones in the attack.

“After April 13, our Kansas City community now knows first-hand that Jews are a target of hate.  Our concern for the growing anti-Semitism in Europe grows, as attacks like today's Brussels murders, and the openly anti-Semitic rhetoric continues,” the statement reads.

As of Sunday, no one has claimed responsibility for the killings.

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