KC guy creates mashup of Super Mario and Game of Thrones

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's a video mashup that will unite fantasy and video game nerds.

A Kansas City photojournalist's hobby is getting a lot of hits online after he re-imagined the show open of the HBO hit Game of Thrones.

The 1:37 minute open is one of the longest of any show on television today. About a month ago, Nick Vaughn, a photographer at 41 Action News, came up with the idea to rework the famous intro and set it in the world of Super Mario instead of Westeros.

"The titles for Game of Thrones are iconic. They're notoriously one of the best title sequences ever made and I figured this would go perfectly with this Super Mario over world map and it did. It edited itself pretty much. It came together so easily," Vaugh said.

Since he posted it on his YouTube Channel on Monday, his video has gotten more than 451,000 views.
Vaughn said it took him about three weeks to finish. He just worked on it whenever he got a chance after work. It's just a hobby for him.

"Also, being a video nerd and an editor nerd I really love titles and intros, which people don't really think of that as being cool, but I'm always like, ‘Oh man, did you see that movie's end credits? The titles were amazing.’"

It's already been featured in Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post.

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