Local mom breast-feeds 4-year-old, featured in 'Time' cover story

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local mother Dionna Ford still breast-feeds her 4-year-old son. She was one of several moms featured in Time magazine's cover story on attachment parenting.

According to the cover, the article focuses on "why attachment parenting drives some mothers to extremes."

Her son Kieran continues to remain in frequent physical content with her. He still sleeps in her bed and continues to breast-feed.

"We believe in gentle, child-lead weaning, and so far that means that my 4-year-old still nurses," Ford said.  "There's no reason to push your child to be independent.  It's going to happen."

Ford writes the parenting blog Code Name: Mama . She said she was happy to be a part of the article because she wants to raise awareness about breast-feeding.

"The reason that people have such a problem with breastfeeding, and it's not just extended breastfeeding, it's breastfeeding period, is because it's not seen enough," Ford said.

That will likely change Friday when the magazine - and it's revealing cover - hits news stands across the country.

But not everyone shares Ford's breast-feeding philosophy.

"I think that's nasty," mother of four Shonda Bradley said. "The parent decides. The child doesn't know when to stop. You have to teach your child when to stop."

Ford understands attachment parenting isn't for everyone, but she says it's what works for her.

Click here to read Ford's parenting blog: http://bit.ly/6jsYxp

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