Local mom nominated as a hero for The National Mobility Awareness Month Campaign

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -  A Kansas City mom has been nominated as a hero award.

Teresa Vejrosta has been nominated by her friend as a hero as part of the National Mobility Awareness Month Campaign.

Vejrosta volunteers as a parent mentor for those with special needs in Missouri, while also caring for her 9-year-old daughter Abby. Abby has Rett Syndrome, which is a postnatal neurological disorder that problems in brain function that are responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor and autonomic function, according to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Several times a day, Vejrosta has to lift Abby and her wheelchair into their van.

In December, she slipped a disc in her neck, limiting what she can do. “We don’t go many places, because there are days I hurt too bad to take her along,” Vejrosta said.

If Vejrosta receives enough votes, she could win a new vehicle from Mobility Solutions. The vehicle can be adapted to fit the needs of their family.  

To vote for Teresa Vejrosta, click here.

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