Local moms react to birth of Royal Baby

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Monday morning started off as the world was on Royal Baby watch, and at the Mommy Shop in Overland Park, Kan., it was the talk of the town.

"We've been watching the last couple of days waiting to hear what it's going to be," said Amy Herman.
So, we decided to put some of these mom's knowledge to the test with baby vocabulary from across the pond.

Question #1: What is a pram?

"A stroller," Natalie Hunter, a mother of two, said.

Question #2: What do you think a dummy is?

"I think a dummy might be like a pacifier," Traci Thelen, who has been following the Royal Baby's birth, said.

Two parents were celebrating-- but for another reason.

Their newborn son, Axton Loftus, was also born Monday afternoon, just before the Royal Baby.

"Our family was actually joking last week how ironic it would be if we went into labor on the same day," Axton's mother Laura Swanson said.

And they did.

While mother and baby are doing just fine, Axton's father says royal baby-- move over, there's a new prince in town.

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