Local runner returns home after Boston Marathon explosions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nic Rumsey pressed his hands against the glass and leaned in just an inch off the wall at Gate 43 at Kansas City International Airport Monday night.

He was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Southwest flight 3863 from Boston. On board was his girlfriend, Tina Bradshaw, who just hours earlier finished the Boston Marathon and witnessed the devastating explosions.

Cell phone service was spotty, but Bradshaw eventually got through to Rumsey and told him she wasn't hurt. 

Rumsey was relieved, but his worry didn't really go away until the moment his wait behind the glass wall at the airport came to an end.

Bradshaw walked off the plane with an enormous smile and ran into her boyfriend's arms.

"I didn't know he was going to be here," Bradshaw said. "I was going to go surprise him at work."

Rumsey had a plan of his own.

"I just wanted to see her as soon as possible. I mean I didn't really care where she was," Rumsey said. "If something would have happened to her, I would have left instantly and went to Boston."

Bradshaw said she's just happy to be home after living through the explosions.

"There was this huge (noise), it sounded like a cannon, and all the runners just looked back," Bradshaw said. "Then there was another one, and then we were like 'this isn't right.'"

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