Security expert shares warning signs of possible attack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The terror attack at the Boston Marathon doesn't surprise Blair Hawkins.

"There are threats out there that are daily that most Americans would be shocked to know exist," he said.

Hawkins would know. As part of the office of anti-terrorism assistance for the State Department, he has protected several U.S. government officials, and even former foreign presidents and dignitaries.

Hawkins shared the warning signs of an attack anyone can can look for, even if you aren't a trained security expert. He said those signs are visible is pictures just released of the suspects in the Boston bombing.

"The person who is there alone, was dressed different, not interested in the events," he explained. "They are wearing clothes that don't fit the weather, too heavy of clothes. They have a hood up they don't want to make contact with people."

And the most important thing, he said -- they are carrying something like a backpack.

"Not only a pack, but is it unusually heavy? How are they carrying it? Are they carrying it in a way that's different from someone else?" he said.

These are all questions Hawkins asks without thinking after 23 years of law enforcement experience.

"It's a person that gives you that weird feeling. I think that everybody has that sense when someone just isn't quite right," he said. "Usually you will have that sense and you may ignore it, but in today's world, you can't ignore that you need to pay attention to it."

Hawkins says you shouldn't feel bad about alerting security at an event if you have a feeling something isn't right. You can also call 911 if you feel security isn't taking it seriously.

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